How was your Alaska cruise experience?

“Our first cruise was to Alaska with Zimmer and Galexsea! We loved it so much! Not only was Alaska a breathtaking experience of all the beauty, but Galexsea took care of all the details and we just had to worry about having fun! I would highly recommend taking this cruise!”Rennie

“Galaxsea made planning and going on our dream trip to Alaska a very stress free experience. They are well organized and willing to answer any questions. I appreciated the fact that meetings were held before our trip so that any and all concerns were dealt with before we left. We had 97 people in our group and our assigned hosts help keep us on track and moved us through the travel experience smoothly.” ~ Judy

“The cruise to Alaska was an awesome experience and Galaxsea Cruises did a fantastic job planning every detail. I recommend it highly and would do it again without hesitation” ~ Tonya

“A vacation with all transportation, hotel stay, flights, boarding passes, ocean liner rooms taken care of. Even if you want extras like excursions, they have lists of those and will book them for you and just pay Galaxsea for them. Make new friends and wonderful memories for life. Wonderful, worry free, Calgon take my cares away vacation.” ~ Linda

“Our cruise to Alaska was a wonderful experience. The beautiful scenery, the different ports and the refreshing ocean air made our trip memorable. Zimmer and Galaxsea made everything smooth. We are planning on going back for the extended trip in 2018!!!” ~ Rob

“We went on the trip of a life time on a Galexysea Cruse. The scenery was beautiful the ship personnel was top notch.Couldn’t ask for a more pleasurable trip. Met some forever friends. Celebrated our Anniversary on the ship and was treated like Royalty. Hope someday to go again. Over all it was a wonderful experience.” ~ Alice